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The article wasn’t entirely credulous and one intriguing passage quoted Nathan Anderson, founder of hedge-fund researcher ClaritySpring Inc., saying, “When you see nearly flawless returns, it’s intriguing, but also potentially worrying. … Even cursory due diligence showed that a number of their dealings ended in death, litigation or handcuffs. Those are the kinds of red flags you can see from outer space.”

Fund Fire | June 23, 2016

“Managers aren’t in the business of turning away checks,” says Nathan Anderson, co-founder of ClaritySpring, a hedge fund research firm for investors. Hedge funds are facing their own existential crises, trying to raise money at a time when many institutional investors are opting out.

Fund Fire | May 4, 2016

“There’s no grace period when it comes to hedge-fund succession,” said Nathan Anderson, chief executive of ClaritySpring Inc., which advises hedge-fund investors. “Uncertainty is often reason enough for investors to look elsewhere.”

The Wall Street Journal | March 16, 2016

Nathan Anderson, founder of hedge-fund researcher ClaritySpring Inc., was asked last year by potential investors to look into Platinum. He said that while returns were about the steadiest he’d seen, the rest of what he found raised questions.

Bloomberg | Oct 21, 2015

In this article, Nathan Anderson draws contrasts between transparency in hedge funds and the opacity of the banking sector. After the Bernie Madoff scandal and the financial crisis of 2008, investors demanded more transparency out of hedge funds and the industry responded with reform.

Pensions&Investments | May 08, 2015

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