Top 9 Hedge Fund Marketing Mistakes

Nathan Anderson | June 22, 2015

fall#9. Neglecting PR Opportunities — Despite the JOBs Act and the loosening of ‘mass solicitation’ rules, most hedge funds are still so terrified of the SEC that they will do anything in their power to ignore perfectly legal PR opps.  Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates, was recently featured on the cover of Absolute-Return Magazine, giving an exclusive interview. If done correctly (ie: legally), TV appearances, magazine articles, and speeches can be a great boost to credibility.

5 Ways Hedge Funds (Accidentally) Become Black Boxes

Nathan Anderson | July 15, 2014


Years ago I had the pleasure of sitting in the shortest meeting of my life between a hedge fund manager and an investor. The manager represented a well-known algorithmic trading firm. After the standard awkward quant-manager introduction and shmoozing effort, the investor began asking questions about the investment process. The manager gave several vague answers, much to the frustration of the investor.