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5 Ways Bad Hedge Fund Legal Counsel Hurts Their Clients (and Investors)

Nathan Anderson | June 23, 2016

hedge fund, legal counsel, complianceDisclaimer: I am not a lawyer. These are just general observations from my non-lawyerly experience. For actual legal advice you should consult your counsel; ironically the same counsel that I will now suggest could be sucking blood out of your organization like a tsetse fly.  But either way, don’t listen to me and listen to your lawyer (or a lawyer) instead.

How Hedge Fund Valuation Agents Often Do More Harm than Good

Nathan Anderson | April 25, 2016

trojan-horse-woodcutOften thought to be a source of comfort, we’ve found that an independent hedge fund valuation consultant can actually be a red flag. A third-party valuation is only needed when observable market pricing isn’t available, so right off the bat it signals that the fund is dealing with some off-the-run investments that require additional scrutiny. In my experience, frauds and shady actors will often hire rubber-stamp artists masquerading as valuation agents as a way to give investors a false sense of security with their questionable marks. 

How to Perform Hedge Fund Due-Diligence Like a Pro

Nathan Anderson | August 23, 2015

sherlockThere are several objectives to hedge fund DD (and it’s not all about making sure the manager isn’t a Madoff.) It helps to recognize from the outset that each hedge fund is first and foremost a business, and for businesses to be successful, they need to have a differentiated product, and a repeatable process for creating that product. In other words, what is the manager’s differentiating ‘edge’, what is their process for exploiting that edge, (and how does it fit into your portfolio)?